Ghextris is a Python/Gnome reimplementation of the semi-free Xhextris by David Markley. The object of the game is basically the same as in Tetris; use the pieces that fall down from the top of the game area to construct fully filled lines, which will then disappear to make room for more pieces. The twist, as first introduced by Markley, is that the pieces are composed of hexagonal blocks, so your visualization skills will get an extra workout.

Ghextris requires python 2.3 (might work with 2.2), python-gtk2, python-gnome2, python-glade2 and obviously Gnome 2.x. Gettext is optionally required when installing from the source package to install alternative message catalogs.

Ghextris is free software and available under the GNU General Public License. You will find a copy of the license text inside the source package.


Ghextris is available as Debian source and architecture independent binary packages built for the Sid (unstable) distribution. The packages should work also on Sarge (the current testing distribution), as it seems to have the required packages. The packages should be made available in the official Sid distribution relatively soon now, but until then, download here.

If you're not using Debian, just download the tar.gz package; you will find an install script and instructions contained therein (or you can simply run the program directly from the extracted directory). I am open to including rpms and spec files here, but I'm also too lazy to do them myself at least right now.

The files have also been signed with my PGP key. The signatures may be used to verify file integrity.


Here's the obligatory screenshot; it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect:


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